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The change in the structural-phase state and microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy while ion and electron beams processing

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич, Зарва Денис Борисович, Гулькин Александр Владимирович

Keywords: ионная имплантация, электронно-лучевая обработка, микротвердость, сплав

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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The article shows the influence of ion implantation of nitrogen and electron-beam processing on structural-phase state and microhardness of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is established that at the surface treatment of electronic and ion beams is the place to morphological changes, and changes in the elemental composition of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is determined that in the result of treatment by nitrogen ions and electrons on the surface of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy formed fine inclusion due to surface segregation of niobium. It is shown that the
ion implantation leads to an increase in the microhardness to 10–50%, depending from dose of irradiation. It is determined that the surface microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy after electron irradiation increases almost to 2 times.

Structure and surface morphology of R6M5 steel after electrolyte-plasma treatment

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Зарва Денис Борисович, Гулькин Александр Владимирович, Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич

Keywords: сталь, азотирование

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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In article influence of nitriding on the structure and morphology of R6M5 high-speed steel by electrolytic-plasma treatment was study. It is shown that after nitriding by electrolytic-plasma treatment on the R6M5 steel surface formation of small pores, microdefects and fine inclusion. It is found experimentally that R6M5 steel surface after electrolytic-plasma nitriding at 550°C temperature formed diffusion strengthened layer with Fe4N-monophasic nitride (γ’-phase). The content of nitrogen on structural components after nitriding was determined. It is revealed that modified surface differs by having greater magnitude of the surface imperfection.

Results of plasma discharge obtaining experiments at KTM tokamak

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Чектыбаев Б.Ж., Садыков А.Д., Кашикбаев Е.А., Жаксыбаева А.А.

Keywords: Токамак, плазма

Organisation: Филиал «Институт атомной энергии» РГП НЯЦ РК

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Main experimental work results of obtaining plasma discharge at KTM tokamak are outlined in the paper. Results of initial prebreakdown magnetic field configuration scenario calculations by Plasmaless Tokscen numerical code and results of measuring parameters of selected scenario by diagnostic set of KTM are shown. All KTM electromagnetic system power supplies have been used during experiments on KTM tokamak. However, power supplies of central solenoid and toroidal magnetic field coils have been used only on its half project power, because of incompleteness of commissioning works.

Nuclear reactor corium properties obtained at IGR research reactor

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Мухамедов Н.Е., Пахниц А.В., Дерявко И.И.

Keywords: ИГР, расплав

Organisation: Филиал «Институт атомной энергии» РГП НЯЦ РК

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In the paper for the first time thermophysical properties (specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity) of natural corium of a fast nuclear power reactor were determined in the temperature range from room one up to ~400 °С. The obtained data is oriented at use in temperature field calculations when modeling the processes of corium melt retention in fast nuclear reactor vessel.