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Results of plasma discharge obtaining experiments at KTM tokamak

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Чектыбаев Б.Ж., Садыков А.Д., Кашикбаев Е.А., Жаксыбаева А.А.

Keywords: Токамак, плазма

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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Main experimental work results of obtaining plasma discharge at KTM tokamak are outlined in the paper. Results of initial prebreakdown magnetic field configuration scenario calculations by Plasmaless Tokscen numerical code and results of measuring parameters of selected scenario by diagnostic set of KTM are shown. All KTM electromagnetic system power supplies have been used during experiments on KTM tokamak. However, power supplies of central solenoid and toroidal magnetic field coils have been used only on its half project power, because of incompleteness of commissioning works.

Experimental studies in substantiation of sodium cooled fast reactors safety

Authors: Скаков М.К., Батырбеков Э.Г., Витюк В.А., Пахниц А.В., Вурим А.Д., Бакланов В.В., Камияма К., Мацуба К.

Keywords: ИГР, реактор на быстрых нейтронах, тяжелая авария, экспериментальная программа

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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A large volume of scientific and research activities is currently carried out in substantiation of new projects on nuclear reactor safety, in which high emphasis is placed on “beyond-design basis” accidents, in spite of the fact that applied technical solutions reduce the probability of such accidents occurrence. To study parameters of severe accidents and develop measures to mitigate consequences an experimental base is necessary, which enables emergency situation modelling maximally close to real conditions. The National Nuclear Center (NNC) – the leading research organization in the atomic sphere in the Republic of Kazakhstan – possesses such an experimental base, providing scientific and technical support for peaceful uses of nuclear power, involving studies oriented towards the improvement of nuclear reactor safety [1]. The article presents the concept and general results of researches carried out on NNC’s experimental base in substantiation of nuclear reactors safety, realized in collaboration with JAEA, which is a key foreign partner in this area, as well as current plans on new experimental program implementation.

Project on construction of Kazakhstan material testing tokamak KTM

Authors: Скаков М.К., Батырбеков Э.Г., Байжан Д.Р., Тажибаева И.Л., Зарва Д.Б., Павлов В.М.

Keywords: Токамак, КТМ

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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Article presents a short overview of the modern power engineering condition and its impact on global ecology. The main advantages of thermonuclear power engineering are highlighted as a potential solution of power crisis in the future. KTM facility overview is presented, meant for solution the issue on large-scale study of materials, planned to be used for intrachamber plasma facing elements production for future thermonuclear reactors. The problem of the basic technological systems development, introduction and commissioning is exposed on the example of power supply pulse system.

Scientific and technical support for Kazakhstan government policy in peaceful use of atomic energy

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г.

Keywords: деятельность Национального ядерного центра Республики Казахстан

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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This article describes the activity of the National Nuclear Center pursuant to its mission – scientific and technical support for Kazakhstan Government policy in peaceful use of atomic energy. Achievements in 5 strategic Center’s activity: atomic energy development in RK, Kazakhstan and STS radiation ecology, nonproliferation regime support, alternative (renewable) energy development, informational and staff support in nuclear industry are presented in more details.

R&D and experimental programs for mitigating severe accidents consequences in GENIV SFRS and in the ASTRID technology demonstrator

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Пахниц А.В., Витюк В.А., Вурим А.Д., Серр Ф., Пайо Ф., Сюто К., Тротиньон Л., Камияма К., Мацуба К., Кубо Ш., Тобита Е., Като А., Тоёока Д.

Keywords: кориум, внереакторные эксперименты, прототип технологического реактора ASTRID

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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The ASTRID technological prototype, designed by CEA with industrial partners, has high level of requirements, in particular for a robust safety demonstration. Despite high level of severe accident prevention with an innovative core, complementary safety devices are added to mitigate the severe accident consequences. A large R&D program is under way in cooperation with JAEA and NNC-RK. To extend programs carried-out in France in CABRI and SCARABEE reactors, and in IGR in Kazakhstan, the feasibility of the SAIGA program in IGR reactor was performed, and a new PLINIUS-2 platform for out-of-pile corium experiments is under development.

Development of experiment scheme on study of nuclear-excited luminescence of gaseous media

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Кульсартов Т.В., Тулубаев Е.Ю., Понкратов Ю.В., Заурбекова Ж.А., Гордиенко Ю.Н., Барсуков Н.И., Хасенов М.У.

Keywords: ИВГ 1.M, экспериментальный стенд, исследование ядерно-возбуждаемой люминесценции газовых сред

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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Paper describes the development of experimental scheme on study of nuclear-excited luminescence of gaseous media under conditions of stationary work of IVG.1M nuclear reactor. The description of experimental facility and reactor ampoule device used in experiments also presented.

Research of steam formation and steam overheating in thin-wall heat-exchange tubes

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Скаков М.К., Котов В.М., Виелеба В.К., Сураев А.С.

Keywords: повышение кпд АЭС, тонкостенные теплообменные трубки в теплообменниках реактора

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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This paper is devoted to research possibilities for increasing efficiency of NPP based on gas-cooled reactor by the mean of using thin-wall tubes in the reactors heat exchangers. However, intensive steam formation as well as steam triple overheating put forward special requirements to structural characteristics of tube assembly.

Study of areal radioactive contamination at “Experimental field” testing site (2012-2014)

Authors: Умаров М.А, Лукашенко С.Н., Мошков А.С., Дмитропавленко В.Н., Новиков А.А., Батырбеков Э.Г., Осинцев А.Ю., Березин С.А.

Keywords: СИП, радиоактивное загрязнение, пешеходная гамма-спектрометрическая съемка, площадка «Опытное поле»

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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The article presents the results of pedestrian gamma-spectrometric survey which allowed characterizing the features of spatial distribution of radioactive contamination in the most “dirty” place of the Semipalatinsk Test Site – “Experimental Field” testing site. All epicentral zones of underground nuclear tests were defined. All radioactive fallout traces caused by nuclear tests and nonnuclear explosive experiments were marked and characterized. There were defined radioactive contamination areas of USSR nuclear tests which were previously unknown and not indicated in available literature [1].