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Nuclear reactor corium properties obtained at IGR research reactor

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Мухамедов Н.Е., Пахниц А.В., Дерявко И.И.

Keywords: ИГР, расплав

Organisation: Филиал «Институт атомной энергии» РГП НЯЦ РК

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In the paper for the first time thermophysical properties (specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity) of natural corium of a fast nuclear power reactor were determined in the temperature range from room one up to ~400 °С. The obtained data is oriented at use in temperature field calculations when modeling the processes of corium melt retention in fast nuclear reactor vessel.

Temperature dependences for thermo-physical properties of fast reactor’s full-sized and prototype corium

Authors: Скаков М.К., Дерявко И.И., Кукушкин И.М., Вурим А.Д., Мухамедов Н.Е.

Keywords: технология изготовления прототипного кориума, натурные и прототипные кориумы быстрого энергетического реактора

Organisation: Государственный университет им. Шакарима

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The paper addresses techniques and results of full-sized and prototype corium samples for power fast reactor fabricated under conditions that simulate severe accident with loss of coolant (LOCA); demonstrates technology of manufacturing corium prototype in VCG-135 high-temperature testing facility; describes results of studying temperature dependences for thermo-physical properties of full-sized and prototype corium.