Садыков Бахтияр Маденович

Degree: канд. физ.-мат. наук

Position: ВНС ЛЯП

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The double-differential and integral cross sections of reactions (3Hе,xd), (3Hе,xt) and (3Hе,xα) on 59Co nucleus at 50,5 MeV energy of 3

Authors: Дуйсебаев Альнур Дуйсебаевич, Дуйсебаев Бек Альнурович, Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Садыков Бахтияр Маденович, Исмаилов Кайрат Муратович, Мереке Алмаз

Keywords: сечение реакции, спектр реакции

Organisation: РГП «Институт ядерной физики»

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Work is continuation of a cycle of researches of inclusive cross sections of reactions initiated by ions 3Hе on nuclei – candidates of constructional elements of projected nuclear power plants. Double-differential cross sections of reactions (3Не,xd), (3Не,xt) and (3Не,xα) formed by the interaction of ions 3Не with energy of 50,5 MeV with a nucleus 59Co are received. After integration on angels the integrated and partial cross sections of the specified reactions are determined. The analysis of experimental results is carried out on the basis of exciton model of nucleus decay within the frame of
PRECO-2006 code describing the transition of excited system to an equilibrium state. Together with preequilibrium, deposits to formation of integrated sections of compound and direct mechanisms are calculated. The solution of an objective is of great importance, both for fundamental questions of nuclear physics, and for various applied areas, for example, a nuclear transmutation of long-living radioactive waste.

Investigation of the emission of light charged particles in reactions initiated by protons with 30 MeV energy at 58Ni nucleus

Authors: Дуйсебаев Бек Альнурович, Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Садыков Бахтияр Маденович, Мукан Ж., Насурлла М., Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Насурлла М., Дуйсенбаева А.Ж., Жумадилов И., Мукан Ж., Байбекова Н., Садуев Н.О.

Organisation: РГП «Институт ядерной физики»

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The work related to the study of the inclusive spectra of secondary protons produced in the interaction of protons with energies of 30.0 MeV with the nucleus 58Ni. Double-differential and integral cross sections of (p, xp) reaction have been received with further determination of their total partial cross sections. The analysis of the experimental spectra is based on a modified version of the exciton model of pre-equilibrium decay in the frame of code PRECO-2006. The contributions of compound, preequilibrium and direct mechanisms to the formation of the integral cross section are calculated. The experimental results can be used in developing new approaches in theory of nuclear reactions, as well as the design of safe and non-waste hybrid nuclear power plants.