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Study of the reaction 12C +16O in wide range of energies

Authors: Буртебаев Н., Мади Г.А., Еденбаев А.Н., Кенжебеков А.С.

Keywords: рассеяние, модель, материя, кластер, оптический потенциал

Organisation: Евразийский Национальный университет им. Л.Н. Гумилева

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In this work we describe the experimental data of elastic scattering of 12C +16O in two ways: by the optical model with l-dependent kor and combined way. A good agreement was taken between the experimental data with calculations based on the proposed methods. From the analysis of experimental data on elastic scattering in a wide energy range have found global optical potential parameters of interaction.
The purpose of the given work is more exact description of the experimental data of elastic scattering of the systems 12C+16O at energies Elab = 15, 18, 21, 42.86, 49.28, 53.14, 56.57, 72.85, 85.71, 98.57, 111.4 MeV. The role exchange interaction in the range of back angles is investigated. The received values of coefficient of compressibility of nuclear matter are consistent from the data which obtained on the giant monopole resonance. To reproduce section in the rear hemisphere was accounted transfer α-cluster.