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New data for the monitoring tasks obtained at archive digital seismograms

Authors: Сейнасинов Н.А., Узбеков Р.Б., Рябенко О.В., Гордиенко Д.Д.

Keywords: сейсмограмма

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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The paper presents the results of works on creation of a seismic bulletin of earthquakes in Central Asia based on archive digital seismograms of IGR NNC RK stations network for the period of 1994–2002. The methodology of data processing is provided, the processing results as well as the tasks for application of the bulletin are described. The created bulletin is actively used in a number of seismology tasks, for instance, to assess seismic hazard of Kazakhstani regions, which previously were considered aseismic ones, also to monitor technogenic seismicity, etc.