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Use of fire protection software program for buildings and structures

Authors: Борисенко Александр Николаевич, Зверев Владимир Викторович, Кукушкин Сергей Михайлович, Цынгаев Виктор Максимович

Keywords: проектирование, расчет, пожар

Organisation: РГП «Национальный ядерный центр Республики Казахстан»

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This effort presents approaches and methods of project activities enabling to evaluate safe evacuation preparedness of people from designed buildings and structures at possible fire risk. CFAST computer program, one of the most advanced tools for estimation of escape route blocking time that allows to carry out assessment for thermogasdynamic parameters change within the hazardous fire situations in multistory buildings and structures is studied. The results of possible fire risk estimation are shown in administrative and service building #2 of “Borovoye” geophysical observatory which certified adequacy of fire-protection project decisions for the object construction.