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Heterogeneities of short-period S wave attenuation field in the Altay lithosphere and its relation to seismicity

Authors: Копничев Юрий Федорович, Кунакова Ольга Константиновна, Соколова Инна Николаевна

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, литосфера

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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Mapping of short-period S wave attenuation field in the lithosphere of Altay and adjacent territories of Mongolia and South Siberia have been conducted. The authors used a method based on an analysis of a ratio of maximum amplitudes for Sn and Pn waves. About 500 earthquake seismograms obtained by Makanchi and Ulan Bator stations at distances of ~300–1900 km have been processed. As a whole, shear wave attenuation is much stronger in the western part of the region relative to the eastern one. V-shaped strip of high attenuation in the uppermost mantle is picked out in the western part of the region. Rupture zones of Zaisan earthquake of 1990 (M=6.9) and Chu earthquake of 2003 (M=7.3) are connected with this strip. At the same time relatively low attenuation corresponds to rupture zones of large and great earthquakes with M≥7.0 that occurred before 1970. A conclusion has been made that zones of high fluid content in the Altay lithosphere, as in the other regions of Central Asia, are being formed prior to large shallow earthquakes. After large seismic events the fluids are ascending into the earth’s crust from the uppermost mantle during a few decades, which leads to diminishing attenuation of Sn waves.