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Changes in the electrical resistivity and magnetization of non-irradiated and irradiated Х18Н9 steel in deformation and annealing processes

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Нұрғали Е.Е., Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич

Keywords: деформация, ВВР-К, Х18Н9, нейтронное облучение

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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The results of experiments on the study of deformation and thermal changes in the electromagnetic properties of austenitic steel Х18Н9 subjected to neutron irradiation in a WWR-K nuclear reactor are presented and discussed. Particular attention is paid to the direct and inverse phase martensitic transformation. The effect of an additional increase in the amount of the ferromagnetic α-phase during annealing (~450°С) of irradiated, deformed at negative temperatures (−20 and −60 °C) of reactor steel is observed.