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Study of technogenic changes of geological media in geophysical parameters for the monitoring of nuclear energy facilities’ safety

Authors: Шайторов В.Н, Мариненко В.А., Ефремов М.В., Жолдыбаев А.К., Кушербаева Н.Н., Шульга М.В., Утегенова М.А., Алдабергенова Г.Н.

Keywords: деформация, мониторинг, сейсмический фон

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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The paper presents the results of detection and tracing of structural and material changes in the soil of some nuclear energy facilities placements of Kazakhstan based on geophysical and athmogeochemical data. Spatial and temporal connection of changes of electrical resistivity, natural seismic noise, gas permeability of the sand-clay section rocks, connected with deformation processes has been demonstrated. The results of the testing of potential geophysical technologies and observational networks of monitoring at the test facilities are presented.