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Seismo-tectonics of eastern Tien-Shan and Dzhungariya

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Абдрахматов К.Е., С. Grützner, G. Campbell, R.T. Walker, D. Mackenzie, J. Jackson, Аширов Б.М., Айтмырзаев Ж.С., Джанабилова С.О., Елдеева М.С.

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, сейсмотектоника

Organisation: Институт сейсмологии НАН

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It was demonstrated that within the eastern part of Northern Tien-Shan and Dzhungarya active faults with wings shifted in the late Pleistocene – Holocene have the striking different from the direction of the newest structures, mainly sublateral ones. These faults represent right-shift disjunctive structures of north-western strike. They are the responsible ones for modern seismic situation at the investigated territory

Analysis of seismicity in the area of Toktogul hydroelectric power station

Authors: Довгань В.И., Абдрахматов К.Е., Фролова А.Г., Берёзина А.В., Першина Е.В.

Keywords: Токтогульская ГЭС, Центральная Азия

Organisation: Институт сейсмологии Национальной академии наук Кыргызской Республики

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The paper briefly describes the seismic settings at the region of Toktagyul HPS – one of the largest hydrological constructions in Central Asia. Induced seismicity appearance at the moment of the water reservoir filling is shown. The lack of the water reservoir influence on seismic mode near the dam during recent ten years is noted.