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100 years after Kemin catastrophe: new data about focus

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Михайлова Наталья Николаевна

Keywords: землетрясение

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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New data related to focal parameters of catastrophic Kemin earthquake of 1911 were collected and generalized. The magnitude exceedance of the event was revealed in Kazakhstan earthquake catalogues. Discrepancies in Kemin earthquake epicenter location between global and regional catalogues were found. New data should be considered in works on seismic zoning and prediction of seismic impact on critical facilities.

Contribution of Kazakhstan stations of the international system into global and regional monitoring

Authors: Смирнов Александр Александрович, Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Михайлова Наталья Николаевна

Keywords: ОДВЗЯИ, мониторинг

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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The contribution of Kazakhstani stations has been suumarized in comparison with other stations of the International Monitoring System (IMS) in a number of associated phases into the REB bulletin (Reveiwed Events Bulletin) of the International Data Center (IDC). It has been demostrated that all stations of Kazakhstan, both seismic and infrasound ones, are quite effective in monitoring and take one of the first places. This is confirmed by the results of mapping of the epicenters of the events of the world as well as such parameters as minimum amplitude and proportion of a number of events detected with participation of Kazakhstani stations to the general number of events in REB. The region of Central Asia (CA) has been considered in detail in the REB results as well as bulletins of Kazakhstan National Data Center (KNDC) – seismic and infrasound – with examples of estimate of real-time accuracy of locations. Infrasound bulletin of events of KNDC on CA has been compared with REB. In KNDC bulletin the location has been implemented as per data of four infrasound stations, including one Russian station Zalesovo. A larger number of events has been noted in KNDC bulletin in comparison with the REB one.

New details of seismic history and contemporary seismicity of the Jungariya territory

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Михайлова Наталья Николаевна, Аристова И.Л., Полешко Н.Н.

Keywords: землетрясение, Джунгария

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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New data on seismic history of Jungariya were presented. Additional catalogs of strong earthquakes created the basis for geo-dynamic constructions and tectonic interpretations in Jungariya. The detected epicenters of the strongest earthquakes must be taken into consideration when calculating the maps of seismic zoning of new generation.

Seismo-tectonics of eastern Tien-Shan and Dzhungariya

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Абдрахматов К.Е., С. Grützner, G. Campbell, R.T. Walker, D. Mackenzie, J. Jackson, Аширов Б.М., Айтмырзаев Ж.С., Джанабилова С.О., Елдеева М.С.

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, сейсмотектоника

Organisation: РГП «Институт геофизических исследований»

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It was demonstrated that within the eastern part of Northern Tien-Shan and Dzhungarya active faults with wings shifted in the late Pleistocene – Holocene have the striking different from the direction of the newest structures, mainly sublateral ones. These faults represent right-shift disjunctive structures of north-western strike. They are the responsible ones for modern seismic situation at the investigated territory