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Seismo-tectonics of eastern Tien-Shan and Dzhungariya

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Абдрахматов К.Е., С. Grützner, G. Campbell, R.T. Walker, D. Mackenzie, J. Jackson, Аширов Б.М., Айтмырзаев Ж.С., Джанабилова С.О., Елдеева М.С.

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, сейсмотектоника

Organisation: Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

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It was demonstrated that within the eastern part of Northern Tien-Shan and Dzhungarya active faults with wings shifted in the late Pleistocene – Holocene have the striking different from the direction of the newest structures, mainly sublateral ones. These faults represent right-shift disjunctive structures of north-western strike. They are the responsible ones for modern seismic situation at the investigated territory