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01 Regulatory Control for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan
02 Mössbauer Research of Minerals Contained in Coals of Kazakhstan
03 Ion-Induced Structural-Phase Transformations 
in Austenite Stainless Steel 12Cr18ni10Ti, AISI 316 and AISI 304
04 Using the Penetrating Ability of Cosmic Muons for the Earthquake Prediction
05 Study of the Interaction of Particles of Space Radiation by the Hybrid Ionization Calorimeter Method
06 Study of the Axial Neutron Flux Distribution in the Irradiation Device with a Cadmium-Screen
07 Modernization of the Information Management System of the “EAGLE” Test Bench
08 Effect of Post-Radiation Annealing on Swelling, Magnetization and Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti, Irradiated in the Reactor BN-350
09 The Role of a Simulation Bench with Plasma- Beam Installation in Researches of Plasma-Surface Interection
10 The Linear Accelerators Review
11 Study of structural-phase ceramic exchange after firing
12 Comparative analysis of reactor technologies
13 On creation of hybrid fast-thermal reactor
14 Solar rocket engines in near-earth space
15 Synthesis reactors with use of ion accelerators
16 Use of rotary-petal engines in aviation
17 Thermal resistant coating obtained from zirconium and aluminum oxides by detonation method
18 Quality assessment of the IVG.1M reactor coolant cooling system installation
19 Condition of the material of the case of exhaust BN-350 reactor fuels in long storage
20 Some aspects of x-ray phase analysis methods for samples using an Empyrean diffractometer
21 Modification of TiN coatings by electron irradiation
22 Distribution of artificial radionuclides in aggregate fractions of soils in the vicinity of underground nuclear tests condcuted in boreholes at “Balapan” site

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Diagnostic of plasma radiation for start-up in tokamak KTM based pyroelectric sensor

Modelling of substances migration under electrical field influence

Estimation of sorption capacity dependence of rocks on fraction coarseness

Change of electrical resistivity of water solutions under the influence of electrical field

Zoning of the Semipalatinsk test site by the intensity of the surface territory destruction

Influence of the relief on deposition of radionuclides from water flow of military tunnels of Baytles area

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