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Changes in microstructure, hardness and magnetic properties during annealing of 12CR18NI9TI steel irradiated in WWR-K reactor to damage doze of 5 dpa at low (80°С) temperature

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Цай Кира Викторовна

Keywords: сталь, облучение, петли Франка

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12Cr18Ni9Ti austenitic stainless steel (a material of the automatic control rod for WWR-K reactor active zone) irradiated to 5 dpa at 80°C and annealed at 450–950°C for 1 hr has been studied using TEM, magnetic properties and microhardness measurements. Evolution in fine structure of the irradiated steel resulting from heat treatment was identified (Frank loops and black dots) and it was compared to changes in magnetic properties. It was assumed that magnetism of austenitic steel is associated with Frank loops of certain size (15–20 nm) in which at a relatively low temperatures (≤300°С) and irradiation dozes (<20 dpa) the formation of ferromagnetic α-phase during ε→α-transformation may occur.