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Experimental investigations for adaptation of k0-standartization INAA method for IVG.1M reactor

Authors: Медетбеков Б.С., Попов Ю.А., Алейников Ю.В.

Keywords: ИВГ 1.M, реактор, горные породы СГД и СТ-2А, инструментальный нейтронно-активационный анализ (ИНАА), метод k0-стандартизации

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The article addresses results of physical research for adaptation of comparator method k0-standardization of instrumental neutron activation analysis (k0-INAA) in IVG.1M reactor. SGD and ST-2A-type standard rock samples were used as reference materials. Fields of thermal and resonance neutrons were investigated in IVG.1M experimental channel. There were determined the concentration of analyte-elements in standard rock sample by k0-INAA method. Also, the ratios between the calculated and certified values of element concentrations are presented. The accuracy of analysis is expressed as Z-criterion and evaluated for analyte-elements.

Study of interaction of corium prototype with constructional steel SUS304 at simulation of severe accident at NPP

Authors: Скаков М.К., Миниязов А.Ж., Коянбаев Е.Т., Кукушкин И.М., Сапатаев Е.Е., Кожахметов Е.А., Бакланов В.В., Зуев В.А.

Keywords: конструкционная сталь, SUS304, моделирование тяжелой аварии на АЭС

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This work contains the results obtained during solution of the problem to investigation of properties of the solidified melt of the core region materials (corium) of light-water reactor in event of severe accidents; in particular the work describes the results of interaction of corium with structural steel SUS304 and data analysis. The microstructure and elemental composition of the solidified corium prototype have been determined and the character of interaction of corium with the structural steel SUS304 grade of reactor under the conditions of severe accident simulation at nuclear power plant was analyzed in consequence of this work.

Research of the material obtained on the basis of the system SiO2+C

Authors: Скаков М.К., Бакланов В.В., Курбанбеков Ш.Р., Мухамедова Н.М., Жамбаева М.К.

Keywords: исследования силицированного графита, природное сырье (техническая сажа, кварц)

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This paper deals with the issues of research siliconized graphite produced by powder metallurgy. It is confirmed that the cheapest and most promising material is a natural raw material for the manufacture of siliconized graphite (technical carbon black, silica). The paper studied the physical and mechanical properties and structural-phase state of prototypes siliconized graphite, and provides material prototype for comparative analysis.

Computation of the corium temperature field and melt trap refractory blocks of LAVA-B facility

Authors: Акаев А.С., Хажидинов А.С., Гановичев Д.А., Зуев В.А., Рамазанова К.М.

Keywords: ЛАВА-Б, нестационарный тепловой расчет кориума и огнеупорных блоков ловушки расплава

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The paper presents thermophysical model of LAVA-B melt receiver, which was developed taking into account plasmatron simulating afterheat release in the corium. Non-stationary thermal computation of corium and melt trap refractory blocks is carried out. Computation data of refractory blocks’ temperature value is presented.

The second stage of IVG.1M information and measuring system refurbishment

Authors: Ермаков В.А., Коровиков А.Г., Серикбаев Б.С.

Keywords: ИВГ 1.M, информационно-измерительная система

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Institute of Atomic Energy Branch of the National Nuclear Center has been refurbishing information and measuring system (IMS) of the IVG.1M research reactor since 2010 through the present time. In the frame work of the 1st stage from 2012 to 2014 IMS of automatic control system (ACS) and safety control system (SCS) have been already updated. The equipment, software and materials were obtained. Primary converters’ data processing algorithms and screens to present the information for the operators were developed. The equipment was dismantled and start-up work was conducted. For 2016-2017 funds were allocated to IAE under technical cooperation with IAEA. Within the framework of this the second stage of updating is planned to realize including IMS of instrumentation and automated control systems (IACS) and casing sealability control (CSC) updating. As a result of this work the following processes are going to be updated: control, recording and experimental data displaying of IACS and CSC.

Памяти Дуйсебаева Альнура Дуйсебаевича (13.03.1933 – 05.08.2016)

Authors: Буртебаев Н.

Keywords: некролог

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5 августа 2016 года в возрасте 83 лет скончался старейший сотрудник Института ядерной физики, профессор, доктор физикоматематических наук, лауреат Государственной премии РК Дуйсебаев Альнур Дуйсебаевич.

Research on swelling and corrosion of spent fuel assembly casing material of reactor installation BN-350

Authors: Скаков М.К., Коянбаев Е.Т., Кожахметов Е.А., Бакланов В.В., Курбанбеков Ш.Р., Яковлев В.И., Ситников А.А.

Keywords: БН-350, 12Х18Н10Т, ТВС, состояние поверхности чехлов, распухание и коррозия внутренней и внешней сторон образцов в зависимости от расстояния до центра активной зоны

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Surface condition of FA casings were investigated after long-term exploitation in BN-350 reactor and storing in cooling pool. 12Cr18Ni10Тi austenitic stainless steel is used for FA casing manufacturing. Data on swelling and corrosion of outer and inner sides of samples depending on distance up to core center were received. Radiation swelling and stress corrosion cracking of high radiated reactor materials are the main factors leading to change structure and material embrittlement.

Features of structure and mechanical properties of BN-350 reactor spent shielding assembly casing

Authors: Скаков М.К., Миниязов А.Ж., Кожахметов Е.А., Коянбаев Е.Т., Сапатаев Е.Е., Бакланов В.В., Яковлев В.И., Ситников А.А.

Keywords: 12Х18Н10Т, ТВС, изменения микроструктуры и механических свойств нержавеющей аустенитной стали

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This paper investigates changes of microstructure and mechanical properties of 12Cr18Ni10Тi austenitic stainless steel and hexagonal can material of spent shielding fuel assembly (FA) of BN-350 fast neutron reactor after storing in cooling pool. Material is irradiated up to damage dose of 12 dpa. Material structure features of can wall of spent FA are defined, difference in can material structure on wall thickness is detected. Also research results of microstructure showed that there are nonmetallic inclusions and spherical fine emissions with dimension of ~1,2 mkm in main material structure of can wall. Researches of material mechanical properties confirmed data on hardening and reducing of ductility by irradiation.

The effect of neutron irradiation and sub-zero testing temperature on mechanical properties and phase γ→α transformation in 18Cr-9Ni steel

Authors: Турубарова Л.Г., Максимкин О.П., Рубан С.В.

Keywords: изменения механических и магнитных свойств хромоникелевой нержавеющей реакторной стали

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There were studied changes in mechanical and magnetic properties of Cr-Ni stainless reactor steels irradiated with neutrons and then deformed in the temperature range of −100 °C … +20 °C. The effect of testing temperature on strength characteristics, plasticity and energy parameters was determined. Special attention was paid to the steel behavior at −60 °C.

Ring-shaped seismicity structures in the region of Southern Mexico: possible preparation for large earthquake

Authors: Копничев Ю.Ф., Соколова И.Н.

Keywords: характеристики сейсмичности в зоне субдукции, расположенной в районе южной Мексики

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We have been studying seismicity characteristics in subduction zone, situated in the region of southern Mexico, between 18° and 20° N. It was established that since 1973 shallow (h=0–33 km) ring-shaped seismicity structures with threshold magnitude values Mt1= 4.9 have been formed prior to two large earthquakes (10.09.1995, Mw=8.0 and 22.01.2003, Mw=7.6). At the same time, in contrast to many other subduction zones, deep ring-shaped seismicity structures (within the depth range of 34-70 km) were not revealed here. Interestingly, a linear seismicity strip with Mt2=5.1 has been formed prior to these large earthquakes. Epicenters of the main events were located near areas of crossing or contact of the shallow rings and deep strip. We suppose that the biggest thickness of two-phase layer with connected cracks and pores filled with fluids is observed in these areas. Stress concentration takes place at the roof of such the layer, which can lead to large earthquake initiation. One more pair, consisting of the shallow ring and deep strip, has been formed to 2015 to the northwest of rupture zones of earthquakes of 10.09.1995 and 22.01.2003. We suppose that new large earthquake is being prepared in the area of these structures contact. Correlation dependences of seismicity ring sizes and values Mt1 on magnitudes of main events were obtained earlier for the east of Pacific. Using these dependences we estimated magnitude of possible large earthquake: Mw=7.7±0.2.