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Dependence of radionuclide activity distribution with geoelectrical characteristics of Baytles area

Authors: Ботов А.А., Романов А.М., Апенько А.В.

Keywords: СИП, контроль линейного распространения радиоактивного загрязнения, ручей Байтлес

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The monitoring technique of linear distribution of radioactive contamination is being tested at the Semipalatinsk Test Site. The data of radiometric and electrical exploration works along Baytles stream flowing out of the military tunnel were received. The correspondence of the survey results of physical and geological model of mountain rocks and water interaction via natural electrical potential of the stream was confirmed. The availability of dynamic, material and structural factors of the model in real environment was determined.

Influence of the relief on deposition of radionuclides from water flow of military tunnels of Baytles area

Authors: Ботов А.А., Романов А.М.

Keywords: СИП, площадка «Дегелен», ручей Байтлес, зависимость интенсивности гамма-активности от наклона рельефа

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The routing gamma survey along the bed of Baytles stream at Degelen site of the Semipalatinsk Test Site was conducted. The data on the distribution of mountain rock gamma activity of the bed from the tunnel entry to the site borders were received. Statistically grounded division of radiometric halo into the zones was conducted. The dependence of gamma-activity intensity on the relief slope influencing on the water speed in the stream and determining the level of natural electrical field of the flow potential influencing on interphase transition of substances including the radionuclides was established.

Zoning of the Semipalatinsk test site by the intensity of the surface territory destruction

Authors: Романов А.М., Пестов Е.Ю., Бахтин Л.В., Кокежанов Б.А.

Keywords: СИП, анализ влияния ландшафтно-климатических условий на интенсивность разрушения горных пород, особенности распределений рН и гидрокарбонатов в недрах

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The influence of landscape and climatic settings on the intensity of mountain rocks destruction was analyzed. The aim is substantiation of zoning background into the zones of dominating rock breaking or accumulation zones. The substantiation for the zoning is hydrogeochemical data on pH and hydro carbonates. The applicability of this zoning method for the Semipalatinsk Test Site is confirmed. It is suggested to apply the method basing on hydrochemical data of boreholes, i.e. zoning of local sites by features of pH and hydro carbonate distribution in subsoil.

Change of electrical resistivity of water solutions under the influence of electrical field

Authors: Романов А.М., Марченко И.О., Мельничук М.А.

Keywords: электрическое поле потенциала течения, зависимость удельного электрического сопротивления электролитов от наложенного электрического поля

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One of the consequences of water moving regarding the solid phase is electrical field of the stream potential. It influences directly on redistribution of substances changing physical and chemical properties of phases. The conducted experiments showed the dependence of electrical resistivity of electrolytes on superimposed electrical field. The reason of dependence is electrolyte structuring in near-electrode zones at superposing of electrical field. It is supposed that namely this effect stipulates 80% decrease of electrolyte electrical resistance. Thus, the structuring of liquid phase under the influence of electrical field enters the grounding for interaction of mountain rocks and waters in hydrodynamic structures of the lithosphere.

Estimation of sorption capacity dependence of rocks on fraction coarseness

Authors: Романов А.М., Резяпова-Атаханова В.А.

Keywords: зависимость сорбционной способности горных пород от крупности фракций

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The data and results interpretation of the experiment on estimating of sorption capacity dependence of mountain rocks on fraction coarseness are considered. It was determined that at fraction coarseness decrease the augmentation of radionuclide retention in the experiment lags behind the calculated by 1.9–9.5 times. The obtained difference is not explained by sorption as a result of “non-Coulombic origin” forces influence. The reason of difference is water movement regarding the mountain rocks. It forms the electrical field of the stream potential that influences on the substance transition between the liquid and solid phases. This explains consistently the discrepancy between the experimental data and calculated values.

Modelling of substances migration under electrical field influence

Authors: Романов А.М., Мельничук М.А., Тлеугалиев Д.Р.

Keywords: электрическое поле потенциала течения, взаимодействие горных пород и вод

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The modelling technique of interaction between mountain rocks and water via electrical field of the stream potential is shown. Namely this field determines the intensity and direction of substance exchange between solid and liquid phases. Along with dynamic parameter — water movement speed regarding solid phase — the structure and substance parameters of interaction process are considered. The process visualization is reached by application of substances with featured color. The experiments results modelling the substances deposition from water into the solid phase of rocks are shown.

Diagnostic of plasma radiation for start-up in tokamak KTM based pyroelectric sensor

Authors: Чектыбаев Б.Ж., Шаповалов Г.В., Маусымбаев С.С., Купишев Е.Б., Сарычев Д.В.

Keywords: КТМ, разработка болометра, диагностика радиационных потерь

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The article is devoted to the development of a bolometer for the diagnosis of radiation losses to Kazakhstan material Tokamak KTM, which increases opportunities and improves the quality of research. Particular attention is paid to the development of the design and methodology of diagnostics calibration. The first experimental results showed that diagnostic performance.