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The change in the structural-phase state and microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy while ion and electron beams processing

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич, Зарва Денис Борисович, Гулькин Александр Владимирович

Keywords: ионная имплантация, электронно-лучевая обработка, микротвердость, сплав

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The article shows the influence of ion implantation of nitrogen and electron-beam processing on structural-phase state and microhardness of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is established that at the surface treatment of electronic and ion beams is the place to morphological changes, and changes in the elemental composition of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is determined that in the result of treatment by nitrogen ions and electrons on the surface of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy formed fine inclusion due to surface segregation of niobium. It is shown that the
ion implantation leads to an increase in the microhardness to 10–50%, depending from dose of irradiation. It is determined that the surface microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy after electron irradiation increases almost to 2 times.

Effect of electron beam treatment on the wear resistance of polymers

Authors: Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич, Буйткенов Д.Б., Акатан К.

Keywords: электронно-лучевая обработка, полимеры

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This work is related to the study of the effect of electron-beam processing on the physical and mechanical properties of polymer materials (PEI and PET). After electron-beam processing with a beam current of 30 mA and an energy of 1.2 keV, the microhardness of the polymers increased by a factor of 1.5 compared to the initial state. PET polymer samples show a decrease in wear rate of up to 30%, and resistance to abrasion of the polymer increased by 1.3 times compared to the original sample. The results of the conducted studies have shown the prospects of using electron irradiation for increasing the operational characteristics of polymer materials.