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Pitting corrosion in cold-deformed 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Цай Кира Викторовна, Яровчук Алевтина Васильевна, Рубан Сергей Владимирович

Keywords: сталь, коррозия, деформация, мартенсит

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The results of studies on pitting corrosion of 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel austenized after tensile testing at room and low (−20 and −60°C ) temperatures are given. It has been established that local corrosion resistance of cold-deformed stainless steel depends on strain and temperature which determine structure-phase state of material. It is shown that at low degrees of deformation dislocation substructure formed of quasi-homogeneous honeycomb type which has a stabilizing effect on the state of the steel, resulting in increase of resistance to corrosion. Large degree of plastic deformation (>30%) along with the formation processes of high fragmented inhomogeneous structure in 12Cr18Ni10Ti steel initiate phase transformation γ → α΄ to form α΄-martensite, which negatively affects the corrosion resistance of the material.

Condition of the material of the case of exhaust BN-350 reactor fuels in long storage

Authors: Кожахметов Е.А., Коянбаев Е.Т., Мухамеджанова Р.М., Даулетханов Е.Д., Сапатаев Е.Е., Уркунбай А.С.

Keywords: коррозия, БН-350, ТВС

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The results of corrosion damage to the surface of fragments of the SFA cover after neutron irradiation in a BN-350 reactor and subsequent “wet” storage are presented. The relative value of the deflection of the cover fragments as a result of radiation swelling and creep of fuel assemblies was determined.