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Creation of a pilot geographical information system for Akbota site capable for radioactive wastes isolation

Authors: Гаджимагомедова Маргарита Геннадьевна, Яковенко Алексей Михайлович

Keywords: геоинформационные системы (ГИС), радиоактивные отходы (РАО)

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The pilot version of GIS created for a site of Akbota-Zapadny potentially suitable for radioactive wastes isolation is based on the collected data. When developing structure, filling layers and testing of GIS reliability and advantage of the pilot option was confirmed, which allowed to systematize results over several years of researches, improve efficiency of use of available data and provide possibility more deep interpretation of the results from field measurements owing to various techniques applied – statistical processing, filtering, etc.

The study of soil cover Zhanakush rural districts in West Kazakhstan region on the basis of GIS-technologies

Authors: Салихов Т.К., Салихова Т.С., Сапиев Е.

Keywords: геоинформационные системы (ГИС), почвенный покров

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Rational use and protection of soils in market conditions requires adequate application of new scientific and methodological approaches. One of these systems-analytical methods of soil inventory organization is combination of traditional ground methods with technologies of geographic information systems (GIS) based on wide use of aerospace images of different resolutions. As a result of the research, a method of soil mapping using ArcGIS software was developed that is practically accessible to a wide audience of GIS users. Using GIS technology, a digital soil map based on scanned soil maps of Zhanakush rural district of Chingirlau district in West Kazakhstan region was developed.