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Georadar location: experience of application within the STS and in engineering-geological researches

Authors: Лисаевич Александр Викторович, Фролов Замир Насикович

Keywords: электроразведка, георадиолокация

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Procedures and results from applied georadar location are described for engineering-geological and geoecological studying of conditions of Balapan sites, the Experimental field, Degelen site in the STS and for assessment of informational capabilities of this electrical survey technique.

Electrical survey during the assessment of the dynamics of subsoil unundation in nuclear energy facilities locations (at the example of VVR-K INP)

Authors: Жолдыбаев А.К., Кушербаева Н.Н., Шульга М.В.

Keywords: электроразведка, ВВР-К, грунт

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The paper demonstrates the results of analytical and experimental study of geo-electrical and deformation properties of sand-argillaceous soil with the application of electrical survey using method of induced polarization, improved at the account of exclusion of impact of electrical resistivity of the subsoil at the example of VVR-K, INP, reactor’s location area. The obtained data can be used during engineering and geological monitoring of potentially hazardous objects’ safety in similar geological conditions.