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New ring-shaped seismicity structures in the regions of Kurils and Kamchatka

Authors: Копничев Юрий Федорович, Соколова Инна Николаевна

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение

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This paper presents spatial-temporal seismicity characteristics in three areas of the northern Kurils and southern Kamchatka. Earlier ring-shaped seismicity structures were picked up in these areas in two depth ranges: 0–33 and 34–70 km, which have been formed during a period of 01.01.1973-01.01.2009. It was shown, that after this period during the last 4.5 years parameters of some ring-shaped structures changed essentially, first of all within the range between 52° and 53° N. Similar changes were observed prior to some large and great earthquakes in the other subduction zones. This gives a reason to suggest a preparation for large earthquakes in these areas.

Characteristics of S wave attenuation field in rupture zones of two large earthquakes in South Asia and their relation to seismicity

Authors: Копничев Юрий Федорович, Соколова Инна Николаевна

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, литосфера, афтершок

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The characteristics of short-period shear wave attenuation and seismicity fields in rupture zones of two large earthquakes in South Asia (Kashmir, 08/10/2005, Mw 7.6 and Bhuj, 26/01/2001, Mw 7.7) are being studied. The authors used a method, based on an analysis of Sn and Pn waves amplitude ratio (by recordings of AAK-Kyrgyzstan and NIL-Pakistan seismic stations). It was shown, that strong and weak S wave attenuation is observed correspondingly in rupture zones of the interplate Kashmir and intraplate Bhuj earthquakes. Ring-shaped seismicity structure had been formed prior to the Kashmir earthquake (in contrast to the Bhuj event). Besides, several more aftershocks with M≥5.0 were recorded after the Kashmir earthquake in comparison to the Bhuj one. It is supposed, that big variations of attenuation and seismicity fields structure are connected with sharp difference of deep fluid content in the lithosphere of two rupture zones.


Creation of a pilot geographical information system for Akbota site capable for radioactive wastes isolation

Authors: Гаджимагомедова Маргарита Геннадьевна, Яковенко Алексей Михайлович

Keywords: геоинформационные системы (ГИС), радиоактивные отходы (РАО)

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The pilot version of GIS created for a site of Akbota-Zapadny potentially suitable for radioactive wastes isolation is based on the collected data. When developing structure, filling layers and testing of GIS reliability and advantage of the pilot option was confirmed, which allowed to systematize results over several years of researches, improve efficiency of use of available data and provide possibility more deep interpretation of the results from field measurements owing to various techniques applied – statistical processing, filtering, etc.

The records analysis of the Chebarkulsky meteorite at infrasoundarrays of nuclear monitoring

Authors: Дубровин Виталий Игоревич, Смирнов Александр Александрович

Keywords: метеорит, взрыв

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On February 15, 2013 the network of seismic and infrasound arrays of Kazakhstan recorded signals from fireball explosion around Chelyabinsk. Using infrasound station records the signals from fireball explosion were detected and investigated, apparent velocity, frequency bands, azimuths of signal arrival were determined. Using seismic stations data the time and place of acoustic wave ground impact and magnitude of seismic event were determined. This event is the second by its force after falling of Tungus meteorite in 1908.

Georadar location: experience of application within the STS and in engineering-geological researches

Authors: Лисаевич Александр Викторович, Фролов Замир Насикович

Keywords: электроразведка, георадиолокация

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Procedures and results from applied georadar location are described for engineering-geological and geoecological studying of conditions of Balapan sites, the Experimental field, Degelen site in the STS and for assessment of informational capabilities of this electrical survey technique.

100 years after Kemin catastrophe: new data about focus

Authors: Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Михайлова Наталья Николаевна

Keywords: землетрясение

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New data related to focal parameters of catastrophic Kemin earthquake of 1911 were collected and generalized. The magnitude exceedance of the event was revealed in Kazakhstan earthquake catalogues. Discrepancies in Kemin earthquake epicenter location between global and regional catalogues were found. New data should be considered in works on seismic zoning and prediction of seismic impact on critical facilities.

Regulatory Control for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Authors: Умархалинова А.Ж., Тулегенов М.Ш., Нуртазина Э.Р., Бейсебаев А.О.

Keywords: МАГАТЭ, учет и контроль ядерных материалов, правовая основа, регулирующий орган, Республика Казахстан

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In this paper, the legal regulation in the field of accounting and control of nuclear materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan is considered. The laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy are analyzed. A list of existing nuclear facilities and facilities for the use of atomic energy in the republic is given. Particular attention is paid to the legislative and regulatory framework, due to the potential danger of using atomic energy, as well as the presence of materials and technologies dual-use which can be used not only for peaceful purposes.

The application of international safeguards considered is in connection with the agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and IAEA on the basis of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, entered into force on August 11, 1995.

The activities of the committee of atomic and energy supervision and control of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which performs control and implementation functions in the field of atomic energy and electric power industry, are analyzed.

Mössbauer Research of Minerals Contained in Coals of Kazakhstan

Authors: Верещак М.Ф., Манакова И.А., Шоканов А.К.

Keywords: ядерная гамма-резонансная спектроскопия, рентгеновский дифракционный анализ, рентгенофлуоресцентный анализ, уголь

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The methods of nuclear gamma-resonance spectroscopy (MS), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) have been used to study the Kazakhstan’s coal from the deposits Ekibastuz, Shubarkol and Karazhyrinsky. It has been established that iron in the coals is contained in the divalent and trivalent states. The bivalent iron forms siderite mineral FeCO3, the trivalent iron forms pyrite mineral FeS2. During combustion of coal both pyrite and siderite decompose into Fe, sulfur oxide SO2 and carbon dioxide CO2 at the temperature of ~500 °C. The process of coal combustion occurs at high temperatures with formation of ash that contains the newly formed minerals – magnetite Fe3O4, hematite α-Fe2O3, mullite Al6Si2O3, hercynite FeAl2O4 in the composition of the ferro- and cenospheres.

Ion-Induced Structural-Phase Transformations 
in Austenite Stainless Steel 12Cr18ni10Ti, AISI 316 and AISI 304

Authors: Верещак М.Ф., Манакова И.А., Бедельбекова К.А., Озерной А.Н., Бедельбекова К.А., Дегтярева А.С.

Keywords: ионная имплантация, спектроскопия, рентгеновский дифракционный анализ, радиационные повреждения

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In this paper the ion-induced structural-phase transformations in austenitic stainless steels 12Cr18Ni10Ti, AISI 316 and AISI 304 have been studied by the Mössbauer spectroscopy of conversion electrons, X-ray diffraction and scanning microscopy. It has been established, that the electronic structure of the Mössbauer atoms in stainless steels AISI 304 and AISI 316 are different. Consequently, molybdenum does not affect the short-range order of 57Fe in AISI 316 steel. Implantation of its own atoms (57Fe) in AISI 316 steel leads, as in case with AISI 304 and 12Cr18Ni10Ti steel, to martensitic transformations. Among three steels AISI 316 was found to be the most stable to the ion-induced structural phase transformations.

Study of the Axial Neutron Flux Distribution in the Irradiation Device with a Cadmium-Screen

Authors: Айткулов М., Дюсамбаев Д., Гизатулин Ш., Кенжин Е., Романова Н., Шаймерденов А., Каназава Х., Кавамура Х., Ота А.

Keywords: реактор ВВР-К, кремний, облучательное устройство

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Non-uniform distribution (both vertical and radial) of the neutron field in the reactor core of the research reactors is one of the most important task to solve in the process of neutron-transmutation doping of semiconductors. Since 2017, using the critical facility, the Institute of Nuclear Physics (Republic of Kazakhstan), in cooperation with с Chiyoda Technol Corporation (Japan), has been developing an irradiation device for the maximally reduce axial non-uniformity factor of the thermal neutron flux. The developed device allows to reduce the axial non-uniformity factor from 18% to 4%. The present work shows the methods to measure axial distribution of the neutron flux density, and the results of the experiments conducted on the critical facility. Cadmium was used for thermal neutron absorption. The irradiation device has a cadmium-screen formed of cadmium rings 0,5 mm wide and from 3 mm to 5 mm high. Keywords: WWR-K reactor, silicon, irradiation device.