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Matching of experimental and computational methods for assessing efficiency of regulating elements of the IVG.1M reactor

Authors: Иркимбеков Р.А., Жагипарова Л.К., Гныря В.С., Дербышев И.К.

Keywords: ИВГ 1.M, реактор, оценка эффективности органов регулирования, результаты нейтронно-физических расчетов

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The paper presents description of physical research for determining characteristics and efficiency of regulating elements and reactivity compensation of the IVG.1M reactor, results of neutronic calculations of regulating element efficiency, experimental and calculation data analysis implemented within the project of fuel enrichment lowering at the research nuclear reactors.

Leaching of man-made radionuclides from soil in the STS territory as one of the main contamination mechanisms of natural water

Authors: Айдарханова А.К., Богатырёва Т.Ю.

Keywords: радионуклиды, СИП, почва, выщелачивание техногенных радионуклидов

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The articles gives experimental data on 3Н, 90Sr, 239+240Pu, 137Cs leaching from soil of various contaminated areas of the Semipalatinsk test site to natural water. Leaching degree has been determined. Leaching process of radionuclides from soils to natural water is noted to be one of the main contamination mechanisms, which is quantitatively characterized by leaching degree. Leaching of radionuclides from soils of STS sites of interest is not dependent on soil contamination level. It is found that le4aching process of radionuclides is characteristic of each site but its intensity for different radionuclides is not the same. This is due to chemical properties of radionuclides and their speciation in soil.

Levels of air radioactive contamination in fallout plumes from nuclear testing (1949, 1951 and 1953)

Authors: Дашук А.Л., Кабдыракова А.М., Ляхова О.Н., Круглыхин А.А., Турченко Д.В.

Keywords: СИП, уровни радиоактивного загрязнения воздушной среды, площадка «Балапан», площадка «Сары-Узень», поселок Долонь

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The article gives a summary on assessment of radioactive contamination levels in the air environment with man-made radionuclides on fallout plumes from the 1953 and 1951 tests in the region of “Balapan” and “Sary-Uzen” testing areas. Findings have been obtained on dynamics of radionuclide concentration in the air on the fallout plume of the 1949 nuclear test near Dolon village, wich located at the adjasment territory to the STS. A comparative evaluation of all experimental data and theoretical calculations has been made.

The effect of irradiation and deformation at sub-zero temperatures on mechanical and magnetic properties of Cr18Ni9 austenitic reactor steel austenized at temperatures of 900 °C and 1050 °C

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Рубан Сергей Владимирович

Keywords: Х18Н9, реакторная сталь, термообработка, деформация растяжением, регистрация намагниченности

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There were given and analyzed results of physical and mechanical testing of flat samples from Cr18Ni9 (AISI 304) reactor steel which was heat-treated at T=900 °C and 1050 °C and then irradiated with neutrons (WWR-K) to the fluence of 9·1019 n/cm2 and tensile tested at temperatures from 20 to −100 °C followed by magnetization measurements.

Thermal aging effect on intergranular corrosion and corrosion cracking resistance of neutron irradiated 12Cr18Ni10Ti austenitic steel

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Яровчук Алевтина Васильевна, Рубан Сергей Владимирович, Отставнов М.А., Турубарова Л.Г.

Keywords: 12Х18Н10Т, нейтронное облучение, термическое старение, сопротивление коррозии, склонность к межкристаллитной коррозии

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The results of the studies of thermal aging effect on corrosion resistance of stainless reactor steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti in unirradiated and neutrons irradiated states have been presented in the paper. The tendency to intergranular corrosion increase with the increase of neutron exposure dose was revealed. A significant reduction in the maximum failure strain and the appearance of the martensite phase was observed during steel testing for corrosion cracking. The maximum content of the martensite phase is formed in the samples aged at 650 °C due to high diffusion mobility of the alloying elements and development of the sensitization process.

Monitoring studies soil in design of projected state nature reserve “Bokeyorda” West Kazakhstan region

Authors: Салихов Т.К.

Keywords: государственный природный резерват, каштановые и бурые почвы, морфологические признаки почв, гранулометрический состав почвы

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Research carried out in the framework of the Government of Kazakhstan and the Global Environment Facility, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) “Conservation and sustainable management of steppe ecosystems” aimed at increasing the steppe ecosystems. As a result, the projected research geoecosystems State Natural Reserve “Bokeyorda” West Kazakhstan region analyzed the current state of morphogenetic properties and particle size distribution (mechanical) composition of the soil. On the basis of the ecosystem analysis and GIS technology are defined reserve boundaries, zoning of functional areas and analyzed the current state of the soil cover, and maps of the study area.

Present state of soil geoecosystems Luben rural districts

Authors: Салихов Т.К.

Keywords: лугово-темно-каштановая почва, плодородие, свойства и состав почвы, содержание гумуса и запасы элементов питания, содержание поглощенных оснований и ионов в водной вытяжке

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As a result of researches the morphological characteristics and soil fertility indicators geosystems: the volume and density of solids, bulk density, soil moisture, mechanical and microaggregational composition, the smallest and the total moisture content, moisture stable wilting plant available moisture, water supplies and soil air, structure arable layer and the structural composition of soil, humus content of soil available elements, battery reserves absorbed by the base, the content of ions in the aqueous extract. Therefore, based on the study of these indicators of fertility meadow dark brown soil geoecosystems Lubеn rural district of West Kazakhstan region taking into account the agro-meteorological conditions allow to efficiently manage the water, air and food regime of irrigated and non-irrigated land in different years, it is possible to adjust the increase in crop yields.

Investigation of the material obtained on the basis of silicon and carbon using spark plasma sintering method

Authors: Скаков М.К., Кожахметов Е.А., Бакланов В.В., Курбанбеков Ш.Р., Мухамедова Н.М.

Keywords: кремний, керамика, метод искроплазменного спекания

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The present paper presents investigations of the experimental samples of a material obtained on the basis of silicon and carbon, consisting of raw components with the corresponding technological requirements for the manufacture of prototypes. The investigated samples were resulted by the spark plasma sintering method, which is currently promising. The composition of the burden used for sintering, which was 75 mass % of silicon and 25 mass % of graphite (carbon base), was determined by calculation. It is established that at a temperature of 1200 ° C the density is 2.4 g/cm3 , and at a temperature of 1300 °C – 2.5 g/cm3 . During the X-ray phase analysis, the main phases of the material were identified, which correspond to the phases taken for the prototype material.

The effect of irradiation with helium ions on microstructure and mechanical properties of EP-450 steel deformed at various temperatures

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Цай Кира Викторовна, Рофман О.В.

Keywords: облучение, сталь ЭП-450, изохронный циклотрон У-150М, снижение деформационного упрочнения, одноосное растяжение

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This research examines mechanical properties and microstructural changes of EP-450 steel implanted with He. Steel samples were uniformly implanted with He+2 ions (40 MeV) to concentrations of 240 appm and 44 appm at 100 °С and 400 °С using U-150M isochronous cyclotron. Uniaxial tensile tests were performed at 25 °С, 400 °С and 800 °С. It was shown that at 100 °С mechanical characteristics of non-irradiated and irradiated EP-450 steel are less sensitive to temperature increase up to 400 °С. Steel samples irradiated at 400 °С show a decrease in strain hardening. Plasticity of the irradiated samples decreases at tensile temperatures 25 °С and 400 °С and almost independent on He concentration. High-temperature deformation of the irradiated material leads to similar plasticity as that for non-irradiated material which indicates that high temperature He embrittlement does not present in EP-450 steel at given conditions.

The study of elastic scattering of 20Ne on 12C nuclei at energies below the coulomb barrier

Authors: Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Буртебаев Н., Насурлла М., Буртебаева Д.Т., Керимкулов Ж.К., Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Буртебаев Н., Насурлла М., Амангелди Н., Мауей Б., Кок Е., Сакута С.Б., Спиталери К.

Keywords: ускоритель тяжелых ионов ДЦ-60, угловые распределения упругого рассеяния ионов

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The angular distributions of the elastic scattering of 20Ne ions by 12C nuclei were measured at the of heavy ions accelerator of DC-60 at energies Elab = 30 and 35 MeV. Experimental differential cross sections for energy Elab = 30 MeV are well reproduced within the framework of a standard optical model in a full angular range. At an energy of 20Ne 35 MeV, a diffraction structure is observed at large angles, which can not be explained either by potential scattering or by the exchange mechanism of the 8Be cluster transfer. The contribution of the exchange mechanism does not exceed 1%.