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The study of soil cover Aktau rural districts in West Kazakhstan region on the basis of GIS-technologies

Authors: Салихов Т.К., Салихова Т.С.

Keywords: геоинформационные системы, почвенный покров, темно-каштановые почвы

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Rational use and protection of soil in market conditions requires the adequate application of new scientific and methodological approaches. One of such system-analytical methods of soil cadastre organizations is the combination of traditional ground-based methods with geographic information systems (GIS) technologies based on the wide use of aerospace images of different resolutions. The set of information necessary for mapping of soil cover structures and their quantitative assessment is described in GIS databases. Data integration is realized through the spatial and attribute components in the form of topographic and thematic maps. At the same time, the creation of GIS attribute databases involves digitizing thematic maps linked in a single map projection (which was a topographic map of 1:50,000 scale). As a result of the work, thematic maps and GIS attributive databases were formed: soils. As a result of research based on GIS technology, a digital soil map of Aktau rural district of Chingirlau district of West Kazakhstan region was developed using the ArcGIS software product.

The study of soil cover of the Atbasar district of Akmola region on the basis of GIS-technologies

Authors: Салихов Т.К., Салихова Т.С.

Keywords: геоинформационные системы, почвенный покров

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Improving the efficiency of agricultural land use on the basis of conservation and improvement of soil fertility is one of the priorities of soil science, the solution of which is of key importance in ensuring sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the economy and food security of the country. The preservation and improvement of soil fertility is a major part of the general problem of rational use of land resources, increasing productivity and improving the soil ecology of agricultural landscapes. The modern assessment of soil is relevant for the development of the state and society because provides information on the accounting of geographical distribution, on the value of the soil, on rational use, on the protection and planning of the use of soil. As a result of the work, thematic maps and GIS attributive databases were formed: soils. As a result of research based on GIS technology, a digital soil map of the Atbasar region of the Akmola region has been developed using the ArcGIS software.

Development of technology to study properties of irradiated fuel of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

Authors: Буртебаев Н., Дюсамбаев Д., Гизатулин Ш., Шаймерденов А., Сильнягин П.П, Уета Ш.

Keywords: ВТГР, ВВР-К, топливо, выгорание

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RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics” of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the Atomic Energy Agency of Japan over the years have been conducting research aimed at developing the technology of a hightemperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR). This paper is devoted to the development of technology to study the properties of the irradiated fuel of the HTGR reactor. The object of research is the fuel elements of the HTGR reactor. Fuel cells contain particles, which is a spherical three-structured isotropic fuel with an outer diameter of 0.92 mm. Particles have a triple coating of pyrocarbon and silicon carbide. Particles pressed with a graphite matrix in a compact.
The objectives of the research include:
– external inspection and analysis of the size of the fuel compact;
– separation of particles from the graphite matrix;
– determination of the proportion of damaged particles;
– determination of uranium burnout.
Such studies are conducted at the institute for the first time. To accomplish the above tasks, it was necessary to develop a technology for handling irradiated nuclear fuel. The results obtained will be used to qualify the HTGR fuel in order to further increase the burnup of uranium in it.

Studying of changes in physical and mechanical properties of materials of completed fa of the BN-350 reactor under conditions of longer thermal aging

Authors: Кожахметов Е.А., Коянбаев Е.Т., Сапатаев Е.Е., Мухамеджанова Р.М., Бельдеубаев А.Ж.

Keywords: БН-350, тепловыделяющая сборка

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The paper presents results of tests of irradiated samples of material from various SFAs of BN-350 RP under conditions of prolonged and constant exposure to temperature and mechanical load. The dependencies of strength characteristics of SFA material samples made of 12X18H10T steel on temperature and constant load were determined through short-term uniaxial tensile tests. The nature of the fracture of the SFA material samples was investigated before and after the tests.

Thermophysical calculations of reactor ampoule for studying of gas release from lithium-containing materials when conducting experiments on WWR-K reactor

Authors: Гизатулин Ш., Кенжин Е., Шаймерденов А., Аханов А.М., Аскербеков С.К., Кабулбек Е.Б., Чихрай Е.В., Аскербеков С.К.

Keywords: ВВР-К

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This article presents one of the stages to create a facility for long-term testing of fusion materials at the WWR-K reactor. Particularly, data are presented on thermophysical calculations of an irradiating ampoule made of stainless steel containing various materials of fusion breeders: lithium ceramics, lead-lithium eutectic. The 3-dimensional axisymmetric model was used for calculations, according to which all elements are on the same axis. To simulate heat and mass transfer, we used the multiphysical module Nonisothermal Flow, which integrates the Heat Transfer in Fluids and Laminar Flow submodules for calculating the heat transfer in the ampoule metal and in the air flow in contact with the ampoule surface, and for calculating the velocity and pressure distribution in the flow, respectively. The dynamics of heating and the distribution of temperature fields in the ampoule were evaluated on the basis of which conclusions were made about parameters of the irradiation experiment.

Results of plasma discharge obtaining experiments at KTM tokamak

Authors: Батырбеков Э.Г., Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Чектыбаев Б.Ж., Садыков А.Д., Кашикбаев Е.А., Жаксыбаева А.А.

Keywords: Токамак, плазма

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Main experimental work results of obtaining plasma discharge at KTM tokamak are outlined in the paper. Results of initial prebreakdown magnetic field configuration scenario calculations by Plasmaless Tokscen numerical code and results of measuring parameters of selected scenario by diagnostic set of KTM are shown. All KTM electromagnetic system power supplies have been used during experiments on KTM tokamak. However, power supplies of central solenoid and toroidal magnetic field coils have been used only on its half project power, because of incompleteness of commissioning works.

X-ray diffraction studies of coatings of the hafnium-carbon system

Authors: Тулеушев Ю.Ж., Жаканбаев Е.А., Суслов Е.Е., Сарсенбаева К.Б., Оракова М.С.

Keywords: рентгеноструктурные исследования, гафний-углерод

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The technology of co-precipitation of hafnium and carbon coatings with different concentrations of carbon has been developed. When performing research by the method of magnetron deposition, hafnium-carbon coatings are formed in the concentration range from 59.8 to 11.2 at. % Carbon. The study of the phase composition of the coatings obtained by the method of x-ray analysis. The phase composition of the coatings was determined depending on the concentration of carbon in hafnium.

Change of magnetic properties of irradiated neutrons and electrons of austenitic steels in the processes of mechanical and term relaxation of internal elastic stresses

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Отставнов М.А., Мережко М.С., Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич

Keywords: облучение, 12Х18Н10Т

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The effect of irradiation with neutrons and electrons, as well as temperature effects on stress relaxation processes in austenitic nickel-chromium steels has been investigated. The effect of an increase in the content of the ferromagnetic phase in irradiated samples deformed at cryogenic temperatures and annealed in the temperature range of 400 °C was found.

Integrated impact of temperature, mechanical stress and electron radiation on the mechanical properties of linear polymers

Authors: Купчишин А.И., Воронова Н.А., Купчишин А.И., Ниязов М.Н., Кирдяшкин В.И.

Keywords: политетрафторэтиленовый материал

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Complex experimental studies on the effect of temperature, static load and electron irradiation on the thermomechanical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene material were carried out. The obtained data of the dependence ε on t confirms the presence of phase transitions in this film. Irradiation significantly affects the dependences ε(t) and ε(σ). Polytetrafluoroethylene material loses plasticity after electron irradiation, deformation (compared to non-irradiated material) by ~170 %, which is associated with the destruction of all chains. The experimental dependence ε on σ for both non-irradiated and irradiated material is satisfactorily described in the cascade-probabilistic model.

Optical researches of unirradiated, polluted and irradiated biomaterials

Authors: Купчишин А.И., Купчишин А.И., Есырев О.В., Ходарина Н.Н., Таипова Б.Г., Зубарева Т.И.

Keywords: биоматериалы

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The optical properties of the unirradiated and irradiated series of biomaterials of the lake-reservoir Sorbulak were investigated. Samples are made from biomaterials of Sorbulak Lake (polluted) and growing near a nearby flowing river (unpolluted). The study of the optical properties and structure of irradiated and non-irradiated samples of reeds, sedges for reflection and lumen was carried out on an automated digital microscope (ACM) of the type Leica DM6000M. Experimental samples were prepared in the form of tubes (cut from stems) and leaves. The dose of electron irradiation is 50–500 kGy. Analysis of the data showed that simultaneous contamination and electron irradiation of biomaterial samples leads to blurring of material bands, which is associated with the accumulation of heavy metals and the generation of resistant radiation defects such as a Frenkel pair and an electron-ion pair, which subsequently lead to cell destruction and destruction of the biomaterial.