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Polymer insulating materials and their mechanical properties

Authors: Купчишин А.И., Купчишин А.И., Тронин Б.А., Таипова Б.Г., Шаханов К.Ш.

Keywords: полимерные изоляционные материалы

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The paper discusses polymeric insulating materials: polyethyleneterephthalate, polyimide, phenylone. Their mechanical properties are investigated. Various models of materials destruction are proposed. It was established that the mechanical properties of the films depend on the structure and conditions of their synthesis. The globular structure of polymers determines their fragility. The destruction, as a rule, occurs along the boundaries of globules weakly interconnected. Mechanical influences lead to the ability of the globule to unfold, and the globular structure becomes fibrillar, which leads to severe deformations of polymers. In the case of uniaxial loading of materials, an exponential model was calculated. A good agreement between the calculated and experimental data was obtained.

Nuclear reactor corium properties obtained at IGR research reactor

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Мухамедов Н.Е., Пахниц А.В., Дерявко И.И.

Keywords: ИГР, расплав

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In the paper for the first time thermophysical properties (specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity) of natural corium of a fast nuclear power reactor were determined in the temperature range from room one up to ~400 °С. The obtained data is oriented at use in temperature field calculations when modeling the processes of corium melt retention in fast nuclear reactor vessel.

In-reactor experiment for the testing of a fast-reactor pile in the contidions of loss-of-coolant accident

Authors: Пахниц А.В., Сураев А.С., Сулейменов Н.А.

Keywords: ИГР, внутриреакторный эксперимент, твэл

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In this paper, the behavior of a model nuclear fuel element of a fast neutron reactor was studied in order to study the effect of blanket zones on the distribution of fuel melt throughout the reactor core. A computational model of the experimental device has been developed, thermophysical calculations have been carried out to substantiate the safety of the in-reactor experiment, a diagram of reactor power has been determined, the implementation of which reached the initial stage of melting zones with high fuel enrichment. An in-reactor experiment on a IGR RRC with an experimental device equipped with a model fast-neutron fuel element was prepared and carried out.

Use of fullerene-containing materials for the sorption of heavy metals ions from environmental media

Authors: Муратов М.М., Габдуллин М.Т., Хамитова К.К., Исмаилов Д.В., Керимбеков Д.С., Черноштан А.В., Султангазина М.Н.

Keywords: техногенное воздействие, окружающая среда, сорбенты

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Recently, carbon materials containing fullerenes have been used as sorbents. The purpose of the study was to explore and compare the sorption properties with respect to heavy metal ions of fullerene-containing materials. This will allow choosing the most effective way of obtaining fullerene-containing sorbents for use in processes of cleaning of environmental objects. For our research, several types of sorbents obtained from shungite and graphite were selected. The results showed that fullerene-containing sorbents bind a significant part of pollutants and reduce the toxicity of the soil. Nevertheless, complete purification from metals is not observed. The obtained results are the basis for further studying the sorption properties of carbon nanomaterials and are of practical importance in the field of nanotechnology, ecology, ecotoxicology, chemical technology of inorganic substances and other.

Adaptation processes in biocoenoses of contaminated plots of the Semipalatinsk test site

Authors: Плисак Р.П., Плисак С.В.

Keywords: СИП, экосистема

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The article presents results of adaptation processes of main types of ecosystems (steppe, meadow, halophytic) and various types of disturbed ecosystems territories of the Semipalatinsk test site (STS). It was found that radiation pollution provokes change of morphological and anatomical structure of plants and leads to formation of some adaptation signs. Formation of adaptation signs of perennials and shrubs is expressed more clearly. Change of morphological and anatomical structure of plants happens more often in meadow (mesophyte) communities and at disturbed areas.

Development of mongolian seismic network and international monitoring system stations

Authors: Базаргур М., Джаргалсайхан Б., Мандуул У.

Keywords: сейсмическая станция, Монголия, мониторинг

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First seismic station of Mongolia installed in 1957 with assistance from the Soviet Union and it was using photo paper for recording seismic data. Since the first station installation time, Mongolian seismic network expanded with a number of the seismic stations and developed the technological improvement. Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (IAG) operates four types of IMS stations including seismic, infrasound, radionuclide and noble gas stations (PS25, IS34, MNP45, and MNX45) now. Mongolian National Data Centre (MNDC) receives seismic and infrasound data including IMS data using different communication technologies in real and near real-time from stations all around Mongolia including IMS stations. Current status of the CTBTO IMS stations in Mongolia and some radionuclide analysis results of the Mongolian IMS noble gas station (MNX45) will be presented. 

Contribution of Kazakhstan stations of the international system into global and regional monitoring

Authors: Смирнов Александр Александрович, Мукамбаев Айдын Серикович, Михайлова Наталья Николаевна

Keywords: ОДВЗЯИ, мониторинг

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The contribution of Kazakhstani stations has been suumarized in comparison with other stations of the International Monitoring System (IMS) in a number of associated phases into the REB bulletin (Reveiwed Events Bulletin) of the International Data Center (IDC). It has been demostrated that all stations of Kazakhstan, both seismic and infrasound ones, are quite effective in monitoring and take one of the first places. This is confirmed by the results of mapping of the epicenters of the events of the world as well as such parameters as minimum amplitude and proportion of a number of events detected with participation of Kazakhstani stations to the general number of events in REB. The region of Central Asia (CA) has been considered in detail in the REB results as well as bulletins of Kazakhstan National Data Center (KNDC) – seismic and infrasound – with examples of estimate of real-time accuracy of locations. Infrasound bulletin of events of KNDC on CA has been compared with REB. In KNDC bulletin the location has been implemented as per data of four infrasound stations, including one Russian station Zalesovo. A larger number of events has been noted in KNDC bulletin in comparison with the REB one.

Underground nuclear explosions in Eastern Siberia and the Sakha Republic: preliminary results of seismogram analysis based on Baikal seismic stations network

Authors: Добрынина А.А., Саньков В.А., Добрынина А.А., Саньков В.А., Чечельницкий В.В.

Keywords: сейсмическая станция, СССР, подземные ядерные взрывы, сейсмограмма

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During 1976–1987 in the former USSR on the territory of Irkutsk and Chita area (the Eastern Siberia) and Sakha Republic (Yakutia) ten peaceful nuclear explosions were conducted in scientific and commercial applications. The peaceful nuclear explosions have yields in the range of 3.2 to 15 kt. The events were registered by regional analog seismic stations network located in the Baikal rift system and surroundings at distances from 173 to 1407 km. The paper shows the first results of the treatment of these seismograms. Using arrival times, regional travel time curves for the both crustal and mantle seismic phases (Pn, Pg, Sn and Sg) were constructed and regional velocities of seismic waves were determined for the whole region and three main tectonic structures – Siberian platform, Baikal-Patom uplift and Transbaikal block. The velocities obtained well correlated with the data known on the velocity structure of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle of the Baikal rift system.

USSR peaceful nuclear tests, geophysical observatory “Borovoye”

Authors: Непеина К.С., Ан В.А., Челюбеева Т.В.

Keywords: мирные ядерные взрывы, геофизическая обсерватория, Боровое

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The paper presents a summary of corrected data on the Soviet Peaceful Nuclear Explosions (abbreviated as PNEs) with the author's corrections, taking into account the information on the updated coordinates of the works of the authors Makei, Fujita, etc. As a result, the article presents the calculated epicentral distances for PNEs, travel-time curves and azimuths from the Geophysical Observatory “Borovoe” to the geographical coordinates of the PNEs, which were registered in digital format during the monitoring conducted by Expedition № 4 of the Special Sector of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the USSR Academy of Sciences since 1966.

Civil and scientific application of IMS network data in earthquake hazard assessment

Authors: Шанкер Д., Али С.М., Сингх М.

Keywords: землетрясение, ДВЗЯИ, система мониторинга

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International Monitoring System (IMS), using four technologies – seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound and radionuclide. While awaiting entry-into-force, the IMS is operating in test mode yet, even now, monitoring data have potential use among the scientist for the social welfare means. Contribution to the earthquake hazard and related earthquake engineering determinations is a big development and knowledge expansion of the one of the cited technology i.e. seismic. In this direction Indonesian region bounded by 14°S–10°N and 93–141°E, which is one of the most seismically Trans-Asian and Circum-Pacific belts type active plate regions of the world where large to great earthquakes have occurred during the past hundred years have been considered. Nineteen years recent earthquake data from June 13, 1999 to July 10, 2017 have been taken from International Monitoring System (IMS) Network setup by Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), Vienna Austria. These data analyses shows that earthquake occurrences agrees with the Gumbel’s Type I extreme distribution function and has been applied to analyses those maximum magnitude data with a satisfactory degree of correlation (0.96). The earthquake hazard that existed in Indonesian region been quantified in terms of recurrence periods and probabilities of occurrence of earthquake of any given magnitude. This investigation indicates that the most probable largest annual earthquakes are close to 6.0. Also, most probable earthquake that may occur in an interval of 50 years is estimated as 6.8. Other medium to large size earthquakes which are expected to occur in this region has been predicted that may help in engineering investigations at particular site and decision making problems if planning to develop certain region for infrastructural activities.