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Changes in microstructure, hardness and magnetic properties during annealing of 12CR18NI9TI steel irradiated in WWR-K reactor to damage doze of 5 dpa at low (80°С) temperature

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Цай Кира Викторовна

Keywords: сталь, облучение, петли Франка

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12Cr18Ni9Ti austenitic stainless steel (a material of the automatic control rod for WWR-K reactor active zone) irradiated to 5 dpa at 80°C and annealed at 450–950°C for 1 hr has been studied using TEM, magnetic properties and microhardness measurements. Evolution in fine structure of the irradiated steel resulting from heat treatment was identified (Frank loops and black dots) and it was compared to changes in magnetic properties. It was assumed that magnetism of austenitic steel is associated with Frank loops of certain size (15–20 nm) in which at a relatively low temperatures (≤300°С) and irradiation dozes (<20 dpa) the formation of ferromagnetic α-phase during ε→α-transformation may occur.

Measurement and activity calculation of gamma-emitting linear sources

Authors: Котов Владимир Михайлович, Бакланова Юлия Юрьевна, Ерыгина Людмила Александровна, Супрунов Владислав Иванович

Keywords: активность, распределение, излучение

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The work is devoted to determination of the distribution of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the linear source by the nondestructive method. Contributions of radiation from different sites are calculated analytically for the source of simple geometry. As a source of gamma radiation a chlorinator body with deposits of radionuclides on its inner wall is used.
Calculated values of contribution coefficients, the distribution of activity on the chlorinator sites and the absolute value of the total activity of deposits were obtained.

The change in the structural-phase state and microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy while ion and electron beams processing

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич, Зарва Денис Борисович, Гулькин Александр Владимирович

Keywords: ионная имплантация, электронно-лучевая обработка, микротвердость, сплав

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The article shows the influence of ion implantation of nitrogen and electron-beam processing on structural-phase state and microhardness of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is established that at the surface treatment of electronic and ion beams is the place to morphological changes, and changes in the elemental composition of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy. It is determined that in the result of treatment by nitrogen ions and electrons on the surface of a dispersion-hardening 67CoNi5Nb alloy formed fine inclusion due to surface segregation of niobium. It is shown that the
ion implantation leads to an increase in the microhardness to 10–50%, depending from dose of irradiation. It is determined that the surface microhardness of the 67CoNi5Nb alloy after electron irradiation increases almost to 2 times.

Structure and surface morphology of R6M5 steel after electrolyte-plasma treatment

Authors: Скаков Мажын Канапинович, Зарва Денис Борисович, Гулькин Александр Владимирович, Рахадилов Бауыржан Корабаевич

Keywords: сталь, азотирование

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In article influence of nitriding on the structure and morphology of R6M5 high-speed steel by electrolytic-plasma treatment was study. It is shown that after nitriding by electrolytic-plasma treatment on the R6M5 steel surface formation of small pores, microdefects and fine inclusion. It is found experimentally that R6M5 steel surface after electrolytic-plasma nitriding at 550°C temperature formed diffusion strengthened layer with Fe4N-monophasic nitride (γ’-phase). The content of nitrogen on structural components after nitriding was determined. It is revealed that modified surface differs by having greater magnitude of the surface imperfection.

The double-differential and integral cross sections of reactions (3Hе,xd), (3Hе,xt) and (3Hе,xα) on 59Co nucleus at 50,5 MeV energy of 3

Authors: Дуйсебаев Альнур Дуйсебаевич, Дуйсебаев Бек Альнурович, Жолдыбаев Тимур Кадыржанович, Садыков Бахтияр Маденович, Исмаилов Кайрат Муратович, Мереке Алмаз

Keywords: сечение реакции, спектр реакции

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Work is continuation of a cycle of researches of inclusive cross sections of reactions initiated by ions 3Hе on nuclei – candidates of constructional elements of projected nuclear power plants. Double-differential cross sections of reactions (3Не,xd), (3Не,xt) and (3Не,xα) formed by the interaction of ions 3Не with energy of 50,5 MeV with a nucleus 59Co are received. After integration on angels the integrated and partial cross sections of the specified reactions are determined. The analysis of experimental results is carried out on the basis of exciton model of nucleus decay within the frame of
PRECO-2006 code describing the transition of excited system to an equilibrium state. Together with preequilibrium, deposits to formation of integrated sections of compound and direct mechanisms are calculated. The solution of an objective is of great importance, both for fundamental questions of nuclear physics, and for various applied areas, for example, a nuclear transmutation of long-living radioactive waste.

Pitting corrosion in cold-deformed 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Цай Кира Викторовна, Яровчук Алевтина Васильевна, Рубан Сергей Владимирович

Keywords: сталь, коррозия, деформация, мартенсит

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The results of studies on pitting corrosion of 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel austenized after tensile testing at room and low (−20 and −60°C ) temperatures are given. It has been established that local corrosion resistance of cold-deformed stainless steel depends on strain and temperature which determine structure-phase state of material. It is shown that at low degrees of deformation dislocation substructure formed of quasi-homogeneous honeycomb type which has a stabilizing effect on the state of the steel, resulting in increase of resistance to corrosion. Large degree of plastic deformation (>30%) along with the formation processes of high fragmented inhomogeneous structure in 12Cr18Ni10Ti steel initiate phase transformation γ → α΄ to form α΄-martensite, which negatively affects the corrosion resistance of the material.

On localized plastic deformation in irradiated 12Cr18Ni10Ti austenitic stainless steel

Authors: Максимкин Олег Прокофьевич, Такиева Айжан Мусагалиевна

Keywords: сталь, облучение, деформация, мартенсит

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Localized plastic flow in non-irradiated and irradiated with neutrons 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel was investigated using mechanical testing and deformation microcalorimetric method. Mechanisms of necking evolution attributed to γ→α martensitic transformation were identified.

Study of the reaction 12C +16O in wide range of energies

Authors: Буртебаев Н., Мади Г.А., Еденбаев А.Н., Кенжебеков А.С.

Keywords: рассеяние, модель, материя, кластер, оптический потенциал

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In this work we describe the experimental data of elastic scattering of 12C +16O in two ways: by the optical model with l-dependent kor and combined way. A good agreement was taken between the experimental data with calculations based on the proposed methods. From the analysis of experimental data on elastic scattering in a wide energy range have found global optical potential parameters of interaction.
The purpose of the given work is more exact description of the experimental data of elastic scattering of the systems 12C+16O at energies Elab = 15, 18, 21, 42.86, 49.28, 53.14, 56.57, 72.85, 85.71, 98.57, 111.4 MeV. The role exchange interaction in the range of back angles is investigated. The received values of coefficient of compressibility of nuclear matter are consistent from the data which obtained on the giant monopole resonance. To reproduce section in the rear hemisphere was accounted transfer α-cluster.

Use of fire protection software program for buildings and structures

Authors: Борисенко Александр Николаевич, Зверев Владимир Викторович, Кукушкин Сергей Михайлович, Цынгаев Виктор Максимович

Keywords: проектирование, расчет, пожар

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This effort presents approaches and methods of project activities enabling to evaluate safe evacuation preparedness of people from designed buildings and structures at possible fire risk. CFAST computer program, one of the most advanced tools for estimation of escape route blocking time that allows to carry out assessment for thermogasdynamic parameters change within the hazardous fire situations in multistory buildings and structures is studied. The results of possible fire risk estimation are shown in administrative and service building #2 of “Borovoye” geophysical observatory which certified adequacy of fire-protection project decisions for the object construction.

Heterogeneities of short-period S wave attenuation field in the Altay lithosphere and its relation to seismicity

Authors: Копничев Юрий Федорович, Кунакова Ольга Константиновна, Соколова Инна Николаевна

Keywords: сейсмичность, землетрясение, литосфера

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Mapping of short-period S wave attenuation field in the lithosphere of Altay and adjacent territories of Mongolia and South Siberia have been conducted. The authors used a method based on an analysis of a ratio of maximum amplitudes for Sn and Pn waves. About 500 earthquake seismograms obtained by Makanchi and Ulan Bator stations at distances of ~300–1900 km have been processed. As a whole, shear wave attenuation is much stronger in the western part of the region relative to the eastern one. V-shaped strip of high attenuation in the uppermost mantle is picked out in the western part of the region. Rupture zones of Zaisan earthquake of 1990 (M=6.9) and Chu earthquake of 2003 (M=7.3) are connected with this strip. At the same time relatively low attenuation corresponds to rupture zones of large and great earthquakes with M≥7.0 that occurred before 1970. A conclusion has been made that zones of high fluid content in the Altay lithosphere, as in the other regions of Central Asia, are being formed prior to large shallow earthquakes. After large seismic events the fluids are ascending into the earth’s crust from the uppermost mantle during a few decades, which leads to diminishing attenuation of Sn waves.